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Membership Categories

JSAS has some membership options: regular member, student member, honorary member and supporting member. The membership fee is for a year.

Regular Member
The regular members are expected to devote to the missions of the society.
Annual membership fee: 8,000 yen

Student Member
It is necessary for the student members to be on register of universities or academies.
Annual member fee: 4,000 yen.

Honorary Member
The honorary members are those who achieved remarkable results in JSAS activities or animal science. They are recommended and appointed through discussion at the annual meeting.

Supporting Member
The role of the supporting members is to serve in projects that JSAS conducts. They are demanded at least one share of 20,000 yen a year as supporting fee. All the members can receive some benefits. For example, they are treated preferentially in other publications issued by JSAS.

Regular and Student members have rights to contribute papers to "Animal Science Journal" and make presentation at scientific meetings. The rights are guaranteed.

Membership is open to any one who approves of the activities of the society. You can apply for membership any time.
If you are a student, however, you should be required for signature of your supervisor. A fiscal year of JSAS is from the first of March through the last day of February, the next year.
No matter when you enter the society, you are asked for the full membership fee for a year. After your admission, Member ID and Password to access Animal Science Journal is to be sent to you.

Please register from here.

For Applicant Abroad
Please complete the credit card payment application and mail or fax it to the JSAS office. JSAS will pay for the charge. Check and bank transfer is not available.
The membership fee includes the fee for printed issues in Japanese (Nihon Chikusan Gakkaiho; 4 times/year). These Japanese issues are not sent to the members in foreign countries, but they will be available on line (“J-STAGE” https://www.jstage.jst.go.jp/browse) for world-wide members without any extra charge.