About JSAS


In 1924 Japanese Society of Animal Science (JSAS) was established for all the people who are involved in the animal industry in a variety of ways, directly or indirectly. The objective of JSAS is to contribute to advance and growth of animal science and the animal industry of Japan.
JSAS is currently trying to enhance further the activities. For that, we are releasing updates on animal science to the world, building up closer links with organizations concerned in Japan and abroad. The members are attached to a wide range of fields such as industries, governmental agencies and organizations of higher education: administrative organizations, universities, national and prefectural institutes, private companies and extensions, etc.,
In 1999, the present name of the society, "Japanese Society of Animal Science" was adopted in place of former "Japanese Society of Zootechnical Science".


Promoting studies and diffusing information related to animal science are the principal missions of JSAS. Thus, JSAS has provided a great number of opportunities to reportresearch fruits, and collect or exchange the most up-to-date information, as follows.
To hold scientific meetings for presentation of research findings once or twice a year together with irregular scientific lectures.
To publish official journal, "Animal Science Journal", which consists of 16 issues a year: 12 issues in English and 4 issues in Japanese. Also, other scientific publications are circulated.
To hold international scientific meetings. We believe that this activity has greatly contributed to development of animal science in the world. Main intentional conferences under the auspices of JSAS or jointly organized.

1. The Vth World Conference on Animal Production
Main theme: New Strategies for Improving Animal Production for Human Welfare
Date: August 14-19, 1983 Venue: Tokyo

2. XVIII World's Poultry Congress
Main theme: Strategies for Improving Production for Human Welfare and Development
Date: September 4-9, 1988 Venue: Nagoya

3. The Seventh International Symposium on Ruminant Physiology
Main theme: Physiological Aspects of Digestion and Metabolism in Ruminant
Date: August 27- September 1, 1989 Venue: Sendai

4. The 8th Animal Science Congress of the Asian-Australasian Association of Animal Production Societies.
Main theme: Partnership for Sustainable Animal Production and Human Welfare
Date: October 13-18, 1996 Venue: Chiba


Directors (about 30 including a president, 2 vice-presidents and 5-8 executive directors) are selected biennially. As leaders, they perform their part in making plans for projects and carrying out them.
Executive screening committee settled in the council determines the directors.
Biennially the councilors are selected from the regular members following the necessary procedure, and discuss the important issues of the management.
Both regular members and student members have right to participate in discussion at the general meeting held annually.